Windows Server 2008 R2 DVD to USB

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  1. Insert the USB into your computer
  2. Open up the Windows Command Prompt as Administrator
  3. From the command prompt, type “Diskpart” and press Enter. This would launch the Microsoft Diskpart console
  4. Type “List Disk” and take note of the USB disk number e.g. “Disk 2”. This might be different from yours if you have more USB storage device attached. The easiest way to identify the USB stick is to check the one with the lowest disk size.
  5. Type “Select Disk 2” assuming your disk number earlier identified is 2
  6. Type “Clean“
  7. Type “Create Partition Primary“
  8. Type “Select Partition 1“
  9. Type “Active“
  10. Type “format fs=fat32 quick“
  11. Type “Assign”  (Note: The system will automatically assign the next available drive letter)
  12. Type “Exit“. At this point go to Windows Explorer and verify the drive letter assigned to the USB drive.
  13. From the command prompt, change directory to where your Windows Server Operation System files are stored. In my case, I have it stored under “E:\Windows Server 2008 R2“
  14. Type the following command “xcopy *.* /s/e/f I:\” where I is my USB drive letter. Note that there is space between f and I
  15. After the files had been copied, insert your USB to the computer you want to install, boot up the machine, Press F12 to get to the boot menu and select USB for it to load the OS.
  16. Job done!